The Stones and Brian JonesNick Broomfield

It was Brian Jones who formed the Rolling Stones in 1962. However, the shy, talented musician got kicked out of the band and died young. DOCVILLE-habitué Nick Broomfield (Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love) made a multifaceted portrait of this forgotten musician who had an undeniable influence on the Stones.

1962. Brian Jones founded The Rolling Stones after meeting Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in a London pub. He seems to be the driving musical and charismatic force behind the band, and undoubtedly played an important role in their breakthrough in 1965. Fast forward to 1969: Jones’ lifeless body is found in a swimming pool, cause of death unknown up to today. Not even a month ago, he was kicked out of the band. What happened in the meantime? The Stones and Brian Jones is the portrait of a musical centipede, involved in alcohol, drugs and problematic relationships. Nick Broomfield chose to focus on Jones’ addictions and turbulent relationships and how they only got worse, in combination with the band slowly drifting away in terms of creativity, away from his beloved blues towards rock ‘n roll. Making use of striking archive material and interviews, this documentary tells the story of how Jones lost both ‘his’ band and himself in his own charisma.


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Directed by Nick Broomfield
2023 93 min.
Subtitles: Dutch




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