Theater of ThoughtWerner Herzog

Legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog delves into the mysteries of the brain (artificial or otherwise). Do we really have autonomy over our thoughts? Do we live in a shared fantasy? Is telepathy possible? Can fish dream? Do mice question their reality? How can Siri detect the difference between "knight" and "night"? A fascinating look at the brain's immense capacity, the potential of neurotechnology and its ethical implications. At age 80, Herzog adds a new chapter to his varied and idiosyncratic oeuvre with a fascinating journey through the research, insights and predictions of some of the world's most influential scientists and innovators.

Science Artificial intelligence Psychology Philosophy

Vertoond op editie(s) 2023
Screened at edition(s) 2023


Directed by Werner Herzog
United States
2022 108 min.
No subtitles




Werner Herzog


Werner Herzog, Ariel Leon Isacovitch

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