Total TrustJialing Zhang

Through the haunting stories of people in China who have been monitored, intimidated and even tortured, the film tells of the dangers of technology in the hands of unbridled power. Taking China as a mirror, the increasing use of surveillance tools around the world gets questioned. If this is the present, what is our future? 

Surveillance has more than one face: it's a mix of facial recognition, big data analysis and a points system that predicts public uproar and punishes so-called bad behaviour, as well as it rewards what's considered good. Zijuan Chen's husband is a human rights activist lawyer who has been imprisoned for his legal work. Ever since, her life is being monitored around the clock. Sophia Xueqin Huang is an independent journalist whose work of exposing wrongful imprisonment and human rights abuses in China, put her on the wrong side of the authorities. These women are not the only ones being monitored. Since the Covid pandemic, surveillance technology has skyrocketed in China and beyond.

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The screening of 24.03 will be followed by an Q&A with Sofie Royer (KU Leuven) (in Dutch)


Directed by Jialing Zhang
Germany, The Netherlands
2023 97 min.
Subtitles: English




Jialing Zhang

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