Universiteit van Vlaanderen “Missen is wenselijk”

Scientists and universities like to let the world know when they have made a breakthrough. But what if a hypothesis turns out to be wrong after years of research? What if a fellow scientist made that groundbreaking discovery two months earlier?

What if a researcher finds that the figures on which his/her results are based turn out to be wrong? Failure and error is the basis of scientific research, and yet scientists rarely talk about their failures. University of Flanders and SciMingo are changing that. For once, they will not discuss researchers' successes, but their mistakes and failures.
Interviews with Koen Fillet, Edith Van Dyck (musicologist), Pieterjan Verhelst (marine biologist), Geoffrey Dierckxsens (philosopher), Sylvia Wenmackers (philosopher of science), Joris Vandendriessche (historian of science) and Ernst Koster (clinical psychologist), among others.
(in Dutch)

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