VintersagaCarl Olsson

Swedish melancholy at its best. Through 24 stanzas, this poetic film renders a mosaic of situations and individuals, each with their own doubts, memories and dreams, set in a land marked by the freezing cold winds. Carl Olsson's beautiful tableaux vivants are reminiscent of another brilliant Swedish director, Roy Andersson.

A hushed, poetic film that looks at the Scandinavian state of mind during the dark months, with a gentle smile. Masterfully, this documentary sketches an almost sociological portrait of Swedes and their dealing with the drizzly winter period. The complexity and oddities of daily life go on, but in an atmosphere of everyday humour and gloominess. Ollson focuses on the increase of warmth, intimacy and humanity when everything turns cold and murky, and submerges us completely into the magical atmosphere of a real winter tale.

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Every year DOCVILLE provides a special place for documentaries that dare to deviate from the classic paths. Films that experiment with form or content and thus broaden and enrich the genre. So this year there is an associative homage to film, an interactive research documentary, an extraordinary simulation of a crisis and a poetic immersion in Scandinavian melancholy.

Visually stunning Nature Essay

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Directed by Carl Olsson
2023 82 min.
Swedish, Polish
Subtitles: English


Outside the dox


Carl Olsson

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