Virtual Reality Experiences: Space

Virtual Reality (VR) is a rewarding medium for documentary filmmakers to transport you to places you have never been, and this year this can be taken very literally. The two impressive VR films Spheres and Space Explorers: The ISS Experience - Spacewalkers will take you to space. Opt for an interactive journey through the universe or a space walk from the real ISS space station.

The VR is set up in the foyer of Cinema ZED Vesalius and is accessible continuously. So you don't need to buy a ticket.
Opening hours:
Thursday 23/3: 17h-22h
Friday 24/3: 17h-22h
Monday 27/3: 17h-21h
Tuesday 28/3: 12u-20u
Wednesday 29/3: 12h-22h
Thursday 30/3: 12h-20h


Science Space

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