Workshop: philosophizing with children

Ook kinderen kunnen (leren) filosoferen. In deze workshop op maat gaat prof.dr Griet Galle in gesprek met kinderen rond enkele filosofische vragen en prikkelende praktijkoefeningen. Filosofie is niet alleen boeiend, maar ook erg leuk. Ouders kunnen tijdens de workshop de documentaire 'Young Plato' kijken. Inschrijven via

For children aged 8 - 11.


This workshop will be in Dutch.


In collaboration with KU Leuven.


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Focus on Philosophy

Is there a word that conveys a more beautiful ambition than the word philosophy? The desire of wisdom. Philosophy is the comprehensive study of the meaning of the most universal aspects of existence and of the validity of our thinking about them. Forget the cliche of abstract topics for crusty professors. These questions have a real link to our daily lives, now and in the future. Leave it to DOCVILLE to find special documentaries about philosophy that will leave you feeling inspired.

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Focus on Philosophy